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What Kind of Work Can I Get done?

You can build your entire remote team with us and have your own team in the same Virtual Office. We only offer with at least five years of experience, working in companies like IRM, VDY, Idea Yachting. Our Partner selection means you know your Main Raise Team will be trustworthy, reliable and dependable

How it Works?

1. Create a Main Raise Account
Creating an account is Easy, only take 5 minutes, and can be done by clicking the link below
2. Request the Exact Work You Need

Login to your account and provide your project details.
Assign task and track time.
Share Documents & Files.

3. Manage Project In Your Virtual Office

Meet with the Assistant to set clear expectations, share document, estimated deadlines, and communication methods.


4. Pay Your Virtual Assistant

Your payment will be automatically withdrawn when work is done from your Deposit.

Review detailed invoices in your Dashboard & via email.


High efficiency and superb time management have no substitute.  Run your business without losing your mind.

From day to day tasks like managing e-commerce, booking travels or drawing itineraries, entering date, managing social media to specialised work like professional presentations, in-depth market analysis, transcription, content development etc., our virtual assistants can take care of it all.

 When it comes to serious business, a serious commitment is in order! Hence we have curated special monthly plans that will fit almost any requirement at any budget. You can choose to get assistance a few hours a day or hire your full time, dedicated assistant. Your hours will be tracked and we'll send you weekly reports on it. In case you're about to run out of billable hours, we'll notify you about that in advance.

There's an option to downgrade your plan, in case you find your billable hours are not getting fully utilised. And if you run out of billable hours you can always buy more at a flat hourly rate of 12 USD/Hour or upgrade your plan. It's simple and efficient.

Email Management

Get your inbox organized, sorted and your emails answered at any time of the day!

Writing & Documentation

Outsource the arduous task of documenting essential business information and sigh with relief!

Online Research

Save time by letting our VAs to do extensive research, fact finding and cross-checking for you.

Travel Assistance

Have a hassle free journey with our VAs organizing your itinerary, travel costs and hotel bookings.


Get professional content transcribing services for audio/video files, ebooks and whitepapers.


Get high impact, researched and creative professional presentations, created by our VAs.

Data Management

Enjoy our holistic data management services imparted by VAs trained specifically for the task.

Social Media Tasks

Reap the benefits of social media marketing with our expert VAs handling your business social media accounts and creating an edge.

Classifieds Postings

Sell your products with zero hassle! Our expert VAs will help you post the most effective ads and screen the best buyers.

Creating Job Postings and Other Talent Recruiting Services

Our VAs can help you hunt down the best candidate by short-listing the best ones as per your requirements.

Article or Content Writing

Get the best written content for your needs, with our team of VAs skilled at writing content across industries.

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