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Main Raise is a team at your service that not replace yours, but complementary ; Imagine having a trusted go-to person for your every need, whether it's business or personal.

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Introducing an easier way to use your Virtual Office

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The new and improved Main Raise Virtual Office, available for all your device, make you feel closer to your Assistant.

Learn more about our Virtual Office

With the new app you can:

  • Get  notifications when your Virtual Assistant updates you
  • Chat seamlessly with your Virtual Assistant
  • Easily keep track of your tasks at a glance
  • Track time and Progress
  • Share Documents

Take your Main Raise  experience to the next level by delegating, communicating and keeping-track in one simple place.

We’ve carefully designed a clean and uncluttered app to help you work with your Virtual Assistant in absolute harmony. No gimmicks - just you and your Virtual Assistant.

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Enjoy the Way You Work & Collaborate

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