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How to build and scale your location independent business with Main Raise

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Hi, I'm Yacht Captaiin/Manager & digital nomad  at a globally distributed strategic consultancy called Main Raise Yachting, who develop growth strategies for Start Up in the Yachting Industries.

With the rapidly evolving landscape we call work, there is an increasing rise of freelancing and entrepreneurs building location independent businesses. Technology has empowered anyone to create an online business from anywhere, whilst not adopting the risk traditional business models incurred.

If you’re considering a leap into the world of freelancing or want to build a location independent business, I share with you some insights which will enable you to build and scale a location independent business with the resources provided by Main Raise

In 2015, I decided to create a Company that i was able to run from Remote, whith the aims to improve the Yachting Business, which enabled me to form a legal company in France whilst operating it globally. We created Main Raise to build a virtual team which has allowed us to improve efficiency, work with clients worldwide and scale - all without the need to vet or hire anyone.

  • Build a Team
  • Communications
  • Time Zones
  • Create WorkFlows
  • Have Many Skills
  • The Organizations

Danish was my First Virtual Partner that joined me on this project. Than Mak, & we created YManage, the platform for Yacht Management, whar our Owner & Captain can Manage they're Yacht.

Mix up your Team & procedure and achieve your result !

Building a Virtual Team 

There are a growing number of platforms to find freelance talent, but there are equally a growing number of risks in using them. A lack of vetting means you can face reliability challenges, problems with communication and, crucially, may face issues with the quality of any deliverables or outputs.

Main Raise solves these major challenges for us by pre-vetting all of the people who work through the platform. When building a virtual team, especially when they’re client facing - it’s vital you can have confidence in the quality of the people you work with.

They also take the stress out of the economics, with a fixed pricing structure. There are low commitment requirements (from 3 hours per month) and at a rate from $22 USD / £22 per hour. The icing on the offer is their guarantee, which covers you if you’re ever unhappy with the output.

Many Skills

What makes Main Raise an even stronger proposition is how they’re not just a virtual assistant service. This has enabled us to build our virtual team handling almost every part of the funnel including; sales, marketing, client relationship & research in addition to all of the usual tasks you’d associate with a Virtual Assistant service; invoicing, chasing late payments, travel bookings, general admin and more. You can see what other skills they can provide here.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to scale - here are some of the ways we’ve scaled fast using virtual teams.

Create Workflows

When building a virtual team, it’s crucial to build workflows - these are clear processes which will enable anyone new joining your team to follow.

For example, you may want to create a new customer onboarding workflow. Once you’ve closed a new deal, you can copy in one of your VAs who is to handle the process for getting the new client fully setup. This may include generating a contract for digital signature, taking payment & setting up an on-boarding call.

To automate your business as much as possible, consider all of the potentials which may occur and what could go wrong with your workflows. For example, if a customer hasn’t made a payment - what action is to be taken by your virtual team? The more workflows you build, the more effective and efficient your virtual team will be.


Like with workflows, getting the right systems set up early will help improve efficiency and enable you to focus on growing the business. Ensure you have a robust system setup to manage each part of your business. For example, using an effective CRM will help you manage your sales pipeline and customer relationships. There are many great systems on the market, although a great platform for small companies is HubSpot CRM (which is free).

If you’re running a high-volume customer business such as a membership service, consider setting up a help desk which will help you build a virtual customer service team to handle any inbound queries. There are many great systems in the market, however, Kayako and Zendesk are industry leaders.


The success of any business is built on strong and consistent communication. When building a virtual team, this can become a challenge. It’s, therefore, important to ensure communication between your virtual team is effectively managed. You may wish to use a system like Slack which will improve team communication & collaboration - especially when you’re building a team remotely.

When new people join your virtual team, it may be worthwhile setting up an onboarding document or video. This could cover your company history, vision, services & who else is part of the team. This will help ensure everyone is aligned and starts from the same place.


If you’re running a location independent company you may be working across multiple time zones. Whether that means you’re frequently travelling or your clients are located in multiple countries, you can avoid some of the pains which come with time zone changes by having fixed VAs in the same or similar time zones as your major clients.

I hope these insights help you to take advantage of the many benefits of building a virtual team through Main Raise. If you have any specific questions about creating a location independent business or building a virtual team you can reach out on Facebook

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Until a few years ago I worked non-stop—sometimes seven days a week—and often well into the night. I’d do this constantly with no breaks, no interruptions, and certainly no real time to think. Inevitably, my bursts of energy got shorter and shorter until burnout was becaming my default.

Then all changed...

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